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Training Classes

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Back to the Basics


In this class, you will learn the basics of hair care. Let me be honest, nobody taught me how to shampoo, style, or even put a proper ponytail in my head according to my hair texture. And when you don’t know, you just don’t know! And not knowing these basics is really more common than you think. Here, I will teach you how to properly shampoo, condition, and detangle your hair strands. As well as learning your curl type and which protective styles are best for your own hair needs. The mission for this uniquely specified training is to make sure you know everything from the oils you use, to the sections parted to

obtain healthy hair goals.

We will also go be learning how to safely secure the start braids without pulling & putting too much tension on your edges. As well as, different quick & simple braiding techniques for on the go styling. 

Interested in Beauty Camp?

If you are interested in taking this classe, please click the button below to send an inquiry via the contact form. In the message field, Please state your name, best form of contact and I will reach back out to you within 24-48 hrs to get you resgistered. 

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